Solar Dock Post Lights


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Solar Dock Post Lights

Tired of searching for your dock at night? Brighten and make it stand out with Solar Dock post lights! The lights come installed with white LED’s but additional colored LED’s can be purchased separately.  Choose from 7 LED colors to distinguish your dock from your neighbor’s in the dark!

Maybe you want show your team spirit? Attractively illuminate any pier with Solar Dock Post Lights in one of our exciting color choices! Solar Dock Post Lights add a classy touch to illuminating any dock or pier.

During the day, the solar panel collects the sun’s energy and charges the easily replaceable, but long-lasting batteries. At night, Solar Dock Light’s sensor automatically turns on the super bright LED. With multiple units your dock will provide an elegantly lit pathway. This unit is hands free and energy efficient. Run time is 16+ hours on a full charge and is significantly brighter and of much higher quality than conventional solar garden lights.

Simple to install in just minutes! Additional optional colored LED’s can change the appearance and can be purchased separately; red, blue, green, yellow, warm white, white and orange and will offer a unique glow to any dock.

Round Base Fits:

1-5/8″ OD

1-7/8″ OD

2″ OD

2-3/8″ OD

3-1/4″ OD

Brock Dock Post Covers

Square Base Fits:

2×2″ Square

2×2″ 5-Sided Square

Brock Dock Post Covers

Rectangle Base Fits:

1-1/2″ x 2″ Rectangle

Brock Dock Post Covers

Sleek & Safe

Solar Dock Post Lights are 4-times brighter than solar garden lights. Protect your property from boating collisions. Lining your dock with Solar Dock Post Lights adds a sense of security and safety for the dock.

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Dimensions 3.5 × 6 in