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Rope Suspension Each Kasco De-Icer includes two 20′ mooring ropes for suspension below a dock or boat. And 25 foot power cord.

We offers several sizes, models, and mounting options of De-Icers to accommodate almost every application and condition. With sizes of 1/2 and 3/4, and 1hp and units available in 120V , Kasco De-Icers easily fit your location and electrical requirements. Kasco De-Icers can be suspended by ropes, mounted on an optional Universal Dock Mount, or attached to an optional Horizontal Float for operation in many conditions. Also, optional De-Icer Controllers (C-10 and C-20) can be added to the De-Icing system to help control electric bills. These mooring ropes are included with the package and work extremely well in many applications where a dock or boat is available to suspend the De-Icer from and the water is at least 4-5′ deep.

NOTE: Recommended sizing; 1/2 hp-50′ diameter space 3/4 hp-75′ diameter space 1 hp-90′ diameter space

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1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, 1HP

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No Thermostat, C-10 Thermostat, C-20 Thermostat and Timer